Bedtime Stories for Kids: Irma Inflatable Bed00:00

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Bedtime Stories for Kids: Irma Inflatable Bed

Bedtime Stories for Children: Irma Inflatable Bed Gets a Beating

It is a special occasion when Irma Inflatable Bed is taken out and inflated.
There must be a slumber party or some unexpected guests staying over. Irma is excited. Instead of sleeping in her cardboard box, she gets to stretch and sleep with a fuzzy blanket around her.
But Irma doesn’t know who is sleeping over. It is Dennis, Baby Lee’s cousin. He is a little bit more active than any normal kid.
Before anyone could blink an eye, excited Dennis was already jumping up and down on Irma with all his might.
His heels were digging into Irma’s tummy.
His elbows were ramming into Irma’s sides.
Then comes his shoulders…
Dennis clearly enjoys the feeling of bouncing up and down an inflatable bed.
While Dennis was having a good time, you can imagine how Irma must have felt. Irma never met such a terrible kid. Tummy and back pain were the order of the day. No more false dreams of peaceful and warm fuzzy evenings. Irma can only keep mum until Dennis gets tired of kicking and stomping and finally falls asleep. It is going to be a dreadful weekend.

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Bedtime Stories for Kids: Irma Inflatable Bed

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Bedtime Stories for Kids: Irma Inflatable Bed

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