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The Excavator Song is a catchy and fun song for kids. It teaches kids about the different parts of an excavator, from the blade to the bucket.

The Excavator Song is a catchy and fun song that teaches kids about different parts of an excavator. It starts with the blade, and then goes to the bucket, and finally ends with a rhyming couplet that describes how to use an excavator in real life.

The Excavator Song is a nursery rhyme that teaches children about how to use an excavator in real life with lyrics like “Put your foot on the blade/And then you can scoop up all the dirt.” This song is perfect for teaching children how they can use their shovels as well as their feet when they are playing in sandboxes.


“Excavator Song” is a catchy song that will make your kids go to the sandbox with shovels and buckets.

The song is about a little boy who has a hard time when he’s playing in the sandbox because of all the sand everywhere. He sings about how he can’t dig and his parents tell him that it’s time for an excavator to come and help him. The song ends with the boy singing about how much fun he had playing in the sand.

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