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Follow the Leader Game + More Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs – CoCoMelon

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A new compilation online video, like a single of our most latest tracks, “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt”!

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Little ones Tunes by CoCoMelon

Nursery Rhymes in 3D

View your favourite music by clicking a title beneath:
:08 John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
two:56 My Identify Track
six:43 Baa Baa Black Sheep
nine:12 The Ant and the Grasshopper
11:48 Hickory Dickory Dock
14:54 10 Minor Duckies (Counting Track)
17:34 Clear Up Track
20:16 Sure Sure Bedtime Track
24:04 Targeted traffic Security Track
27:01 Breakfast Track
29:24 Finger Household
31:38 10 in the Mattress

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Thank You Track
Unwell Track
ABC Phonics Track
I am Sorry/Justification Me Track
Clear Up Track
Sharing Track
Remember to and Thank You
Content Birthday Track
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About Cocomelon:

At Cocomelon, our purpose is to make studying a entertaining and pleasant encounter for children by making lovely 3D animation, academic lyrics, and infectious, toe-tapping tunes. Little ones will giggle, dance, sing, and engage in together with our films whilst they understand their letters, figures, animal appears, shades, and far more!

We also make lifestyle less complicated for mothers and fathers who want to hold their children fortunately entertained, offering you the peace of brain that your kids are acquiring healthful, high quality, academic material. Our films also give you an prospect to train and engage in with your kids as you get pleasure from seeing, dancing, and singing together collectively.

We publish new films every single 7 days, equally one music films and compilations!

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Title: “Comply with the Chief Sport + Much more Nursery Rhymes &amp Little ones Tunes”

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Comply with the Chief Sport + Much more Nursery Rhymes &amp Little ones Tunes – CoCoMelon


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