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The Happy Birthday Song has been around for a long time and it is still one of the most popular songs for kids. It is not only a song but also an activity. Kids have to sing, dance, clap and recite the lyrics in order to join in on the fun.


This is a nursery rhyme that is sung to children on their birthday.

It’s not easy being a kid. You’re always trying to figure out the rules and what you should do, but it’s hard when you don’t know where to start or what to do. That’s why we have songs like this one that help us feel better about our problems and the way things are going for us.

These songs help us understand how other people feel about the same things we are feeling, too. They also make us feel less alone in our struggles, which is really important for little kids who are struggling with their own feelings of inadequacy and self-worth. | Nursery Rhymes | Nursery Rhymes and Baby Songs | Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs | Nursery Rhymes For Kids Songs


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