How Deep is the Sea? | Baby Shark Nursery Rhyme | Pinkfong Songs for Children

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Subscribe and look at new films uploaded each and every 7 days.★ YouTube Channel:https..ytb./PinkfongSing, Dance and Find out all the entertaining nursery rhyme with Little one Shark and close friends!You are observing “How Deep is the Sea?”, an lovable Little one Shark Nursery Rhyme sequence introduced to you by Pinkfong!—-★ LyricsHow deep is the sea, sea, sea?

Deep deep deep Dibidibi deep! How deep is the sea, sea, sea?How deep is the sea? How significantly is the moon, moon, moon?Much significantly significantly Fara fara significantly! How significantly is the moon, moon, moon?How significantly is the moon?Deep deep deep dibidibi deep! How deep is the sea?Much significantly significantly fara fara significantly! How significantly is the moon?How large is the sky, sky?

Substantial large large Substantial ho large How large is the sky, sky?How large is the sky? How large is a dinosaur?Large large Bigie boogie large! How large is a dinosaur?How large is a dinosaur? How weighty is a blue, blue whale?Large weighty He he heavyHow weighty is a blue, blue whale?How weighty is a blue whale? Substantial large large large ho highHow large is the sky?Large large bigie boogie large!How large is a dinosaur?Large weighty he he heavyHow weighty is a blue whale?

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How Deep is the Sea? | Little one Shark Nursery Rhyme | Pinkfong Tracks for Kids

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