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Skidamarink 2 Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

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These nursery rhymes and kids songs are great for learning and developing skills in children. They can learn about colors, numbers, shapes, animals, fruits and vegetables by singing these songs with their parents.

Skidamarink 2 is a nursery rhyme that is sung to the tune of “Skip to My Lou.” The lyrics go like this: “Skidamarink you’re the nicest thing/You’re so nice I think I love you/I think I love you more than my pillow do.”

The song teaches kids about colors.


Skidamarink is a nursery rhyme that is sung to children. It was written by American author, Margaret Sidney and published in 1887.

Skidamarink, skidamarink,

Where do you live?

Under the ground!

Up above the ground!

Under the ground!

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