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Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes

Take Me out to the Ballgame | Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

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This is one of the most popular nursery rhymes. It was written by a British poet, John Gay, in 1729.

A lass with a lamp sat by the side of the road

And watched all the passers-by as they passed

And when she saw a young man coming along

She lit up her lamp and said “Take me out to ball!”


This section is about kids songs and nursery rhymes. It includes a list of some of the most popular children’s songs and some lesser-known ones.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

The first time I saw that diamond ring, I knew it was mine, I knew it was mine,

I knew it was mine, I knew it was mine.

I put on my new blue jeans and my white shirt,

And took my little sister out to see the game. | Nursery Rhymes | Nursery Rhymes and Baby Songs | Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs | Nursery Rhymes For Kids Songs


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