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The Boo Boo Song | + More Best Kids Songs

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The Boo Boo Song is a song sung by kids as they go through the process of healing from a cut or scrape. The song is designed to help children feel better and get over their fear of boo boos.

The first verse starts with, “My finger’s fine, I don’t need a band-aid.” It continues with, “I don’t care if it bleeds, I’m gonna be tough.” The chorus is the most popular part of the song and goes like this: “It’s not that bad! It’s not that bad!”


The Boo Boo Song is a song that was written by Dr. Seuss and published in the book “I Can Read with My Eyes Shut!” It is about the narrator who tries to find a song to sing, but can’t find one. The narrator sings about all the things he can do, but then realizes that there’s no song for him to sing. So he finally finds a song that he can sing – “The Boo Boo Song.”

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